Canon 5D Mark II Lensbaby Composer ISO 1600 f4@ 1/90th Hi Everybody, My faith in Canon has been restored. I didn’t think I could love a camera as much as I love the 5D Mark II. Its performance at high ISOs is simply stunning. But more than anything its my ticket into the world of [...]

“Guitar Bob”

This is Guitar Bob. Bob is a street musician in Savannah and a hell of a great storyteller. He also has an intense interest in history and politics. Bob plays almost everyday (morning and mid day) in Wright Square on Bull Street. Time spent with Bob is not only great because of the music…. its [...]

“Saying Yes”

Hi Everybody, The sound clip speaks for itself…. but in case you are new to my blog this is Issac Heyward (most people call him Heyward). I met Heyward as a result of teaching a Next Step workshop. One of our participants photographed Heyward (Chad B. from Cincinatti and I can’t thank Chad enough for [...]


Canon Mark II 1DS Lensbaby Composer ISO 3200 f4@ 1/45th Handheld… available light Hi Everybody, Four years ago when I started teaching the Next Step: The Artist Journey Workshops I began my own journey of getting into what I call “Street Portraits” which are mostly impromptu, available light portraits of people I am just meeting [...]