“Wrought Iron Bench and Monterey Square #1″

Canon 5D Mark II f1.4 50mm lens f3.5@ 1/30th ISO 1600 handheld: wrought iron bench and Monterey Square at twilight

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4 Responses to ““Wrought Iron Bench and Monterey Square #1″”

  • tonebytone says:

    Now how in the world did those lights line up with the curve of the bench arms? And of course, you are the only one who would see this correspondence, Craig!


  • Craig says:

    Hey Flo,

    Thank you so much for being here… rhythm is a big part of my style….its what defines me as both a guitar player and a photographer…. ultimately I think I am a misplaced drummer….. Thanks for noticing the real subject of this picture….Craig

  • wnor says:

    Another fascinating POV with a bench. How can anyone not be inspired, by this shot, to go out and find such subjects to shoot. It is too bad that the Visit Savannah doesn’t pick up this image a post it on their facebook page. It would surely grab a lot of interest.


  • Craig says:

    Thank you Wes….this bench has always fascinated me along with the house it sits next to. I finally walked by it when I also happened to really love the back light on it from the lamps in Monterey Square…..Craig

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