“Elizabeth’s on 37th”

Apple iphone 4 shot within Instagram using the contrast filter: Elizabeth’s on 37th, Savannah, Ga.

Very late to the Instagram party but having fun. Plan on posting iphone photography only to my Instagram feed.

I will write a much longer blog post about Instagram and why I have chosen to have an account.

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UPDATE: Read my article “Instagram is Ruining Photography” here.

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4 Responses to ““Elizabeth’s on 37th””

  • tonebytone says:

    I love the great depth of field. Since I have no cell phone of any type with a camera, I’m not sure if you can change the f/stop. I know there are attachments and apps for creating all sorts of effects.

    Since it’s so close to Halloween, this image calls to mind how I and my friends used to sneak up on houses where we didn’t like the owners – if they hadn’t given us any candy on “Treat Night” which in the Mid-West is the night before Halloween itself.

    So if I were still a kid and didn’t like the people in this house, I’d probaby be hiding behind the agave until I was sure I wouldn’t be caught getting any closer to do whatever mischief I had up my sleeve – probably a bar of soap for the windows, lol.

    Did you deliberately use a slight cyan cast? I like it, as it speaks of early evening to me rather than any other time of day. I also like the reddish side of the house at the right and it’s hardly noticeable echo in one of the upper windows.


  • Craig says:

    Hey Flo

    Great observations about this image. One great thing about shooting with camera phone for me is having to deal again with great depth of field….for a long time now I have been shooting using mainly shallow depth of field….the change back to a lot of depth of field has me seeing in new / very old ways which is good for my creativity. There are filters you can use to simulate shallow depth of field but so far I don’t really like they way they look. And yes I chose a filter in Instagram that pushed the already blue green cast that existed in the scene a little further. I shot this image at the end of the day and that warm on the right is something that I really like in the image….its a faint bit of sunlight getting through just before sunset. Thank you for being here,,,,,Craig

  • wnor says:

    I agree with Flo in her feeling about this image. I just want to add that the square format, needed for instagram, works beautifully to pull so many forms a textures together (the large petals of the agave and the small grasses next to it, for example. I also like the duplication of the arch of the door of the house with the arched blades of the agave.

  • Craig says:

    Hey Wes

    Thank you for being here. We miss you!!!

    Part of the reason I am having fun with Instagram is the square. I don’t want any one to take this the wrong way but its by far the easiest format in which to compose which is just one of many things that makes Instagram so much fun. The square makes compositional ideas like emphasis, proportion and balance so much easier to deal with because everything is so close to the center to begin with…..more to come about why I am having a blast with my Instagram account…..Craig

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