“Tree, Foliage and Blue Fence”

Apple iphone 4 shot within Instagram & processed within Camera+

Plan on posting iphone photography only to my Instagram feed.
I’m having so much fun shooting with the iphone and Instagram that I plan on posting more images to my blog from my work with the iphone4 camera.

You can follow my feed on Instagram @themindfuleye. I post an average of two shots a day.

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7 Responses to ““Tree, Foliage and Blue Fence””

  • wnor says:

    Again, this is a perfect combination of primary colors in all of the glorious detail. The other pleasing thing about this composition are the multiple textures that are producing the colors.

  • Craig says:

    Thanks Wes… the abandoned blue house I found last week has been a lot of fun to photograph.

  • tonebytone says:

    I agree totally with Wes. This is such a great image to look at. The tiny bit of yellow over at the right enlivens the rest of the colors and makes this much more interesting, IMHO. It actually makes me feel happy just looking at it.


  • Craig says:

    Thank you Flo for the kind words…. happy to hear you enjoy this one…..being highly motivated and inspired by color…. I like it a lot myself…..Craig

  • aprilS says:

    Wow. This is vivid, and wonderfully rich!

    Is it “real”, I ask myself? It is believable in my experience, I answer. :)

    A question: How large can you print images captured and processed with your iPhone? (I don’t have one…yet.)

  • Craig says:

    Hey April,

    Thank you for being here and thank you for the kind words about this image.

    First the technical … most of the images I am creating with my camera phone are shot within Instagram which has a native square format. And that means the native 5 meg file becomes apx. a 3meg file. On my ink jet printer I am able to make up to 8 x 8 inch square prints that are beautiful. If I were to send the files out to a lab that used a Light Jet printer I could get larger quality prints due to the fact that the Light Jet has an amzing interpolation algorithm and will print beautifull at 150DPI.

    If I was using the native format and all of the information I am sure I could make 8 x 12 prints that would be high quality. Besides size of the sensor and image there are some other limiting factors. With the iphone 4 camera file quality is horrendous in low light and the files don’t stand up very well to heavy processing.

    If you get an iphone 5 you will be getting an 8 meg sensor and better low light performance so depending on the image you should be able to print even larger than the sizes I referenced above.

    And on a philosophical note ….fortunately I never equated photography with reality in the first place :) I would say alot more but it would be preachy and this morning I’m feeling more like a) a farmer:) or b) a guitar player…. both of which get me out of my head!

    The funny thing is that I desaturated this image by about ten points when I exported it from my phone into PS on my IMAC.

    Thank you April for your support and for your photography. Its greatly appreciated!

  • aprilS says:

    Thanks so much, Craig, for that info from your own experience! It counts for much more than any specs I might find online.

    Sometimes “small” prints are more effective, and I can envision an exhibition of 8×8 gems drawing us into your world.

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