“After Hours”

Apple iphone 4 shot within Instagram & processed within Camera+ Al Salaam Deli, Savannah, Ga.

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5 Responses to ““After Hours””

  • wnor says:

    My mouth is watering. I like their food.

  • Craig says:

    Hey Wes,

    Looking forward to seeing you soon my friend!

    One of my Instagram comments about this image was “great falafels”… it’s true…their food is amazing, they are kind and warm people and the interior of this place could keep me happy as a photographer for a very long time even though it probably only seats 10.

    Al Salaam deli might be a little of the beaten path but like all great things worth the trip!!! If you are in Savannah this is one of the great hidden lunch spots in the city….Craig

  • Ocoee says:

    all are great. I spent a long time trying to figure out the reflection on top of the
    nat geo covers. then I remembered dof

  • Craig says:

    Thank you Ocoee….yea …beacuse of the way I hold the camera phone… very different than a DSLR where my hands wrap around the camera….with the camera phone my hands become a potentiall elegant part of the composition and I have been looking for reflection shots where I can consciously use my hands (hand) reflecting to complete or add to a visual story….Craig

  • tonebytone says:

    Oh my, I never thought to look up at that reflection! Perhaps I was tired last night and my eyes wanted to not see and just go to sleep. Motto: be aware at all times!

    I like the colors and the pattern, first of the regular rectangles of the Nat Geos, and then the more or less haphazardness of the rectangles formed by the chairs. Order devolving into chaos, perhaps?

    But still, even amidst chaos, there’s a correspondence between the fingers at top and the legs of chairs sticking up at bottom. This is a composition in which not all is apparent – to me – at first glance. But I’m sure the rest of you “got it” at once, lol.


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