“Over The Net #2″

Canon 7D Sigma f2.8 14mm lens (EFL of 22.4mm) ISO 400 f5.6@ 1/3000th handheld – Tybee Island, Ga. – Volleyball Net and Seagull

“Trying creates impossibilities – letting go creates what is desired.” – Stalking Wolf – Apache Elder

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6 Responses to ““Over The Net #2″”

  • wnor says:

    Really like how the top of the net and wings spread match, although realistically, I guess one could argue that one is alive and moving while the other is not. I like my story.

  • Craig says:

    At the only level that counts everything is defined by movement… :) Love you Wes….hope you are feeling better!!!

  • Sam Gray says:

    Love all the things this image is doing, color, pattern, man-nature and especially the post pointing into the frame where there just happens to be a bird. Without the post this image is no where near as strong.

    Peace & Love with Sharing

  • Craig says:

    Hey Sam,

    Good point about the post… Yesterday was the first time in a few weeks I have shot at all with a DSLR. I revisted the volleyball net with my Canon 7D…. totally different light than the original shot I posted to Instagram and I knew I wanted to take advantage of color…. right as I began framing for the rectangle of 35mm seagulls started to fly into the scene….this is where 8FPS really pays off…….I let it rip and got this one frame with the bird in just the right place at just the right moment…. serendipity combined with a plan :)…. Thank you for being here Sam and thank you for the kind words of support….Craig

  • tonebytone says:

    I’m noticing the sag in the top of the netting – that subtly breaks up the even pattern of the rest of the netting. That little bit of post is marvelous, too. 7 fps gives one a much better opportunity to capture something perfectly placed like the bird. Love the pattern in the clouds, which makes it seem like they moved through the net first, but now, like the bird, are free to go on their way.


  • Craig says:

    Hey Flo….thank you for being here and thank you for the support….this image makes me think about freedom too…. my favorite thing about the beach has always been the open space and the shore birds!….. Craig

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