“Moonset over Cottonball Basin”

Canon 1DS Mark II Canon f4.0 17-40mm zoom @26mm ISO 100 F11@ 1 sec. Bogen Neotech Tripod – Death Valley N.P.

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  • tonebytone says:

    I see similarities between “Over the Net #2″ and this image. Both have a diagonal running prominently through them. Both have “cottony” objects – clouds there and here trees. And both have an additional element – there the bird, here the moon.

    Except for the positions of the bird and the moon, this could be almost an upside down version of the Net #2 image.

    Did you plan the posting this way?


  • Craig says:

    Ok….you got me :) yes I was heavily influenced by “Over the Net 2″ in choosing this image…. Thanks for being here Flo…..greatly appreciated.

  • al13 says:

    I love the muted colors and textures in this image. The depth of field is incredible, considering is was shot at F11, even capturing some detail in the distant mountains.


  • Craig says:

    Thank you Al for being here and for the feedback…. this is my single favorite location (Cottonball Basin) I have ever visited for shooting big dramatic wide angle landscapes… so elemental and other worldly. As far as DOF field goes this is a good example of hyperfocal focusing. This was before I was doing focus stacks and using Helicon Focus. Most people focus past the hyperfocal focusing poiont in these situations…. that point is just about four or five feet away at this focal length……Craig

  • 2013 at 2:41 says:

    2013 at 2:41…

    Craig Tanner Blog » “Moonset over Cottonball Basin”…

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