“Ocotillo, Rocks & Desert Floor”

Apple iphone 4 shot within Instagram & processed within Instagram with Lo Fi filter –
converted to B&W in Photoshop using channels – Hoodoos Natural Area – Rio Grande River

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3 Responses to ““Ocotillo, Rocks & Desert Floor””

  • wnor says:

    A beautiful black and white the demonstrates the wonderful architecture of the ocotillo against the finer details of the rocks and pebbles of the background. I like the way that the two smaller rocks are framed in the diverging ocotillo branches. The overall composition has a very relaxing and/or soothing effect on one’s mood. A wonderful study of textures.

  • Craig says:

    Thank you Wes for the kind words of support. This is one of my favorite shots from the trip. I have always loved the Ocotillio from the first time I saw them. For me they represent so many different archetypes and its amazing to see them go from something that reminds me of a bleached out swordfish to something verdant and lush. This was such a beautiful scene from a light standpoint. The Ocotillo branches were in full sun and the desert floor just beneath them was in a shadow that was being softly lit by reflecting light from a huge hoodoo…..Craig

  • tonebytone says:

    I can see the reflected light from the hoodoo, now that you’ve mentioned it, Craig. In some ways, the ocotillo reminds me of fish skeletons, esp in B&W and without their leaves and flowers.

    Three stems, 3 rocks and 3 (more or less) bands running diagonally thru the upper left. Wonderful – and I’ll bet you saw all this while framing the image!

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