“Terlingua Cemetery at Twilight #1″

Canon 7D f2.8 Sigma 14mm lens (EFL 22.4mm) ISO 800 f6.7@ 1sec – Bogen Neotech Tripod – cemetery lit by car headlights

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…” Steve Jobs

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6 Responses to ““Terlingua Cemetery at Twilight #1″”

  • wnor says:

    So that is why you wake up early in the morning, to get the shot of the day. What I see here, is a great way to celebrate life each morning. This is morning, isn’t it. It is hard to tell being that the crosses are lit by car lights.

  • Craig says:

    Thank you for being here Wes….. One of the greatest things to me about my “job” as a photographer is the motivation it brings to get more experience out of life…..and since I began in ernest 8 years ago photographing strangers those experiences have broadened geometrically. Being a landscape photographer means up early… period…. IMHO its the greatest part of the day photography or not. More than anything I love the time it affords me to be alone and recharge…. everyone’s there at sunset…..sunrise you have all to your self in most places…..and being an off the chart introvert I need and relish the time alone……Craig

  • tonebytone says:

    Do all the crosses face east in this cemetery?

    I used to wake up around the start of civil twilight. But that was 30 years ago! However I do know what you mean, Craig, by being out in the fresh air before sunrise. Have you ever sat on a boulder or tree trunk and closed your eyes and meditated, starting maybe 5-10 minutes before sunrise? You don’t have to be facing east to know/feel the instant the sun comes up!

  • Craig says:

    Hey Flo,

    Thank you for being here…..most of the crosses do face east in the Terlingua Cemetery…. good suggestion about the meditation….and yes…. I”m sure you can feel it amplified by isolating the sense of heat from the visual…..Craig

  • tonebytone says:

    Craig, I was in my bedroom, meditating, with no way for the sun to actually hit my body, not even through a window. I meant I could feel the change in the subtle vibrations as the sun crested over the horizon. It was a sense of being uplifted in spirits – which is the same sense that I have felt when actually viewing a sunrise.

  • Neil Krauss says:

    I just came across your Terlingua photos today. It’s not a place many people have been to, but what an amazing location for making pictures. I did a series on the Ghost Town a few years back and I would love to get your thoughts/feedback on the images…Neil


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