“Wish You Were Here”

Canon Mark II 1DS 17-40m zoom @17mm ISO 400 f6.7@ 1/60th handheld with Singh-Ray two stop hard step split neutral density filter

Theme Week 22 : Tetons Workshop

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11 Responses to ““Wish You Were Here””

  • tonebytone says:

    AWWWW, Craig! Thanks for the lovely postcard! Enjoy those wonderful mountains and have fun with the workshop people. Come back–refreshed–to the mundane realities of Atlanta, lol ;-)

    Flo, yes, wishing she was there, too!

  • Marti says:

    Craig –

    Fresh dusting of snow on the Tetons, cooler weather, and Mark’s great grin — making all of us “stuck in the city” jealous. Such a tease!!!

    Hope you, Mark and Matt — and everyone on the workshop — are having a wonderful time.

  • Gordon says:

    Wow. Yup, I’ve wanted to visit the Tetons for a while now. Great light and looks like you’ve got some clouds to play with too.

  • JohnGalt says:

    Wish I were…it looks gorgeous.

  • JerryGowins says:

    What a beautiful day to photograph!!! Yeah, I wish I were there, too! Next year at this time I will be.

    But for now I’ll just sit here, enjoy the image, and tip a cold one to you!


  • kasiemsen says:

    The mountains are one of my favorite places and the Tetons are some of the prettiest. This is a fabulous shot. Looks a bit cold, though, in contrast to Savannah a couple weeks ago. definitely wish I was there.

  • Eric says:

    Wow, this does of course looks wonderful! I day dream quite a bit about the time I can join you all on a workshop….someday.

  • Rick Allen says:

    As one of those lucky enough to be here in the Tetons, our time has been spectacular. We did have to fight off another group for prime vista-viewing real estate. Unfortunately, we let them have the ground. Perhaps it was best, because the best photos (such as this one) were not taken from the classic location, but from areas not far away.

  • TedByrne says:

    Hmmm… when the stalks in the foreground steall the scene, almost cancelling much of the other interest in their wonderful authenticity… could you say that Mark is the shooter on the.. um… Grassy Null?

  • tonebytone says:

    Oh, Ted, the lengths you’ll go to to make a pun, lol ;-)

    Each time I return to this image, at first I think Mark is standing in a punt – just the layout of his camera case and the fact that the pieces of his equipment are more or less boat-shaped. Then I realize it’s not a boat. Then I get concerned that he’s wading in a marsh that’s ankle deep, because his lower legs and feet are hidden by the grasses. But if this were the case, pardon my pun, then he surely wouldn’t have laid his precious camera gear down. But I’ll bet all these inaccurate impressions are due to the small image size, which doesn’t allow my eye to separate various items enough at first glance. I hope this makes sense, lol.

  • Rick Allen says:

    I believe this is Bill. I say this because, Mark, Matt, and Craig carry only their cameras during workshop shooting sessions, spending their time helping participants.

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