“Beach Textures”

Apple iphone 4S shot and processes within Instagram – Sand Patterns and Tidal Pool

Back to posting to Instagram after replacing my stolen phone.
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  • tonebytone says:

    I’ve never seen a beach that looked like this! It still looks like a driveway of cobblestones! I’m amazed. I love the simplicity and the curve. Dang, I just can’t “make” a beach of sand out of this one! It sure is mimicking the cobblestoned streets and pathways around Savannah!

  • Craig says:

    Thank you for being here Flo…..I have never seen a beach look like this either…. this was created at the waters edge by a driving wind that blew sand for several hours into these depressions in the Tybee back river inlet. This was also the coldest I ever remember being on any beach anywhere…..Craig

  • Aashika Kansara says:

    i have never seen a beach of this texture in my entire life.. i travel a lot and still never seen any beach having a quite and simple curve of waves… amazing work!!!!

  • du lich mien tay…

    Craig Tanner Blog » “Beach Textures”…

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