Canon 5D Mark II f1.4 50mm lens ISO 400 f1.8@ 1/2000th

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5 Responses to ““Mailboxes””

  • wnor says:

    Terrific capture of color . The overall composition is very easy on the eye. I especially like the small bits of tree detritus under the yellow mail box and the cyan mail box. It adds extra interest to the image. Glad you left those in the picture. Were you out for a walk when you saw these or were you driving past them and suddenly stopped to get the picture? I think most people would just look and go on.

  • Craig says:

    Hey Wes,

    Thank you Wes. I was walking when I took this shot. I am highly motivated by color so this scene was definitely calling my name!….Craig

  • tonebytone says:

    A very unusual – to me – arrangement of mailboxes! In addition to the color arrangement, I noticed that the house numbers are out of order. Strange.

    I like the triangles which seem to be repeated in the sky showing thru the trees way in the background. The upright posts and the horizontal crossbar are also repeated all over the background.

    Somehow, the archetype that comes to mind is a torch in a parade! But carrying different colors of huge light bulbs instead of flames.

  • advman says:

    OK, I see, I wouldn’t have been able to resist either :)

    And so much color! Currently it’s nothing but white here in Austria.

  • Craig says:

    Thanks for being here Andreas…. hard to me imagine all white…. my world is perpetual summer….some snow sure would be nice…..Craig

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