“Palm and Azaleas / Bonaventure Cemetery”

Canon 7D Tamron f2.0 100MM macro lens ISO 160 f2.8@ 1/180th handheld Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Ga.

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3 Responses to ““Palm and Azaleas / Bonaventure Cemetery””

  • SKIUL8R says:

    Very pleasing abstract. The placement of the colors, roughly in a power-point position, does draw me in and lead me down and around in a golden spiral, dumping me out off to the right where I can explore the corners where the touches of color make it very interesting. I also like the diagonal lines that give some movement and tension. The only thing I would like to know is your thoughts on the in-focus portion of the picture, that forms (for me) a harsh barrier to get over to the very left side of the photo. This hard barrier is seemingly even more accentuated by the fact it is in focus and therefore more foreboding.

  • wnor says:

    Again the amazing depth of field from the foreground fronds to the background blurs of the azaleas is just amazing. It all adds to the peace and quiet of this wonderful place and the feeling that, now, all is well.

  • Craig says:

    Hey Dave and Wes,

    Thank you for the feedback. Dave…thank you for the question… for me this shot was mainly about color… my thinking on the palm fronds was left to right was about sequencing in a natural way by going from the longest and sharpest to the shortest and most out of focus…. Craig

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