The Greatest Interview You Have Never Read

Based on conversations I have been having with friends lately about the extremely serious challenges facing the human race I have begun (again) to refer people to Daniel Quinn’s ground breaking and wisdom filled Ishmael. The book is over twenty years old now and I have been amazed lately at how many people I know who have never even heard of it. After making a few Facebook posts about Ishmael a great college friend of mine sent me a link to an interview he did with Daniel Quinn for a now defunct fledgling publication. Reading a whole book is a big commitment of time. This is a fantastic interview (linked to below) where Paul (my friend) and Daniel cover many of the most important ideas that make Ishmael one of the most important books of our time.

A huge thank you to Paul for sharing this interview. Would love to hear what you think. A warning…. Quinn is a truth speaker which is almost non-existent in our culture today…. and in this case the truth can be difficult for many to handle because it is so far away from the pathetic, mythical story that most people believe as the story of us….the human race… the same story that continues to lead us full speed ahead towards our self destruction.

The Greatest Interview You have Never Read

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