“Monarch Dunes #5″


Theme Week 37: SDC Commercial Shoot Part 3

Hi Everybody,

My dear friend and teaching partner for many of my workshops this year, Marti Jeffers, has launched a new blog. Here is the link My View

Congratulations Marti!!!!

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4 Responses to ““Monarch Dunes #5″”

  • Gordon says:

    Beautiful light again and the greens and blues really pop and make that little dash of red sing. My initial feel was that it is heavy on the right – lots of those deep shadows, dark trees. But the light in the lower right leads my through to the hole and the water and the path and into the distance, so it certainly works. The pools of dark play against the pools of light water too. I’m torn about cropping in a bit from the right, still though. My eye wants to be in the upper left of the shot as I look at it, in the space.

  • admin says:

    Hi Gordon,

    Thank you for being here. Hope this finds you and Amanda getting ready to have a great weekend.

    I think your take on this is dead on. I myself looked at more of a square crop on this image but ultimately felt like all of the light on the left needed the heavy on the right. its still not quite balanced for me either…I think this one would benefit by having some ad copy in the negative space in the dark of the right hand side…..Craig

  • mgrigsby says:

    Craig, this is another one that seems very busy to me and if it wasn’t for the red flag I would have no idea where to look. I much prefer the ones that are simple without lots of shadows, clouds and contrasty trees. What am I missing here and I’d love to hear your thinking about the “busy composition” and why you did what you did? I’m sure I’m missing the point because you always cover your bases :0) I’m glad to see Marti has a blog now too!! Have a great weekend.

  • ash063 says:

    Craig, like Murry I always struggle with “busy” or complex compositions, especially in my own work. Perhaps I am too detail oriented or perhaps my understanding of composition and balance is lacking.

    At the same time, if I don’t attempt to see every element in this shot and just view it as a whole, it does convey a beautiful moment … one of those times when you sort of just relax and are glad to be alive.

    I do hope you share with us your thoughts when composing a complex composition.


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