“Port Aransas Pier #3″

Canon Mark II 1DS f2.8 16-35mm zoom @35mm ISO 200 F11@ 6 seconds
Singh-Ray Vari ND (a variable neutral density filter)

Theme Week 41: Port Aransas Pier – A Study of Light and Color

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  • pschulze says:


    I’ve been visiting your blog for a time and it takes a “non” picture to make me register and comment. How bizarre! (The picture is missing as I view your page). Actually a little detective work and I can see the image on photobucket. I love this view of the pier as well. Beautiful soft blue and pink pastels, plus the long exposure make for a calm reflection. Nice job.


  • Gordon says:

    this looks like dawn to me. Always preferred dawn. Everyone manages to see sunsets but it seems to take a special effort to enjoy the sunrise. Maybe it was my previous job that used to finish at 6am and I’d walk home along the sand, watching the sky changing colours. The soft muted tones, the almost oily sheen to the water reflecting the colours in the sky, complimented by the solid, structural greys but still retaining some detail.

    I think I like this particular shot the most of the series, though they are all interesting in their own way. I probably like this more for the memories it evokes of a different pier in a different country. Thanks for the trip.

  • ssshook says:

    Craig I love the pallete you’re working with in these studies involving the pier. The soft colors balance nicely with the softness of the water to help create the powerful feeling of strength the pier represents. The use of different light enhances the sense of time flowing with the water while the pier as sentry merely stands post to watch, guard, and enjoy the color show.

    That being said, I miss having some light wash along the structure itself in this particular image – especially after seeing it present in the other two. The wash in the other two connects the pier to the image as a whole for me, while here the pier seems removed and separate from the flow of the image.

    Another aspect that is intriguing for me is the combination of sensual energy in the images. Both male and female energy is represented strongly but the image can’t be classified as merely one or the other, which only adds to the scene for me.


  • Judyd says:

    Hi Craig I’m a bit like Patti above – love this site and RV and the way you are so willing to share your considerable knowledge and creativity. Can’t thank you enough for that. Your article the Myth of Talent has reassured me many times when I’ve become disheartened about my progress in creating images.

    I just felt compelled to say something about these three images – they really strike a chord with me. They all just seem such a strong mix of the real and the surreal. Beautiful and strong at the conscious level and a strong message at the unconcious level. I’m not a great believer in dream theory but I’ve had enough dreams over the years that have been a strong, totally surreal, reflection of life events or change at the time. So something about these images says: facing tough times and a long way through the path to the end of those tough times, but there’s clarity at the end. Sounds a bit OTT and I’m not usually, but I guess at least be pleased that, as with many of your images, they draw a strong response.


  • admin says:

    Hi Judy,

    Thank you for being here.

    Your take on the Pier images is dead on. I think the idea you reference is one of the most powerful of an almost endless number of archetypes suggested by this subject. The birth archetype, the death archetype, and the journey of the soul archetype among many many others are all suggested here.

    I can’t wait to record the Vidcast for this episode. I have been profoundly effected by shooting this series on many levels …. much more later…… Craig

  • pschulze says:


    Coming back to your site, I see that now the image is visible. And, re-reading my post, I hope you didn’t take my comment of a “non-picture” as being negative. I only meant that I all I could see was a square box saying the image was missing. The fact that I took the time to “find” the image, and then register to post a comment about an invisible image, says a lot about the power of the image and the emotional response the image had on me.

    The pier as a continuing subject to explore will certainly evoke some strong responses in people. I can’t wait to see/hear your Vidcast on it.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • tonebytone says:

    Speaking of archetypes, the one this image evokes for me is that over time our physical bodies age, weather, sag and tilt. But amidst all these sometimes unwelcome physical changes, there’s the eternal beauty of the Unknown – as evoked by the subtle beauties of the colors and textures of the sky and water in this image. And there’s that tunnel with the lighter opening at its end that will free us from physical bondage some day.


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