“(Don’t Blister Your Heels) Walking in the Dark”

Canon MarkII 1DS Lensbaby 2.0 ISO 1250 f2.0@ 1/125th Handheld Two Image composite

Light Diary Year2 Week 2
Theme: Shadow People of the Arch

Title is a line from the Daniel Lanois’ song “Where Will I Be” from the album “Here Is What Is’ which can be found in I tunes
which is currently my favorite album of all time…Image composite inspired by the same song….

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7 Responses to ““(Don’t Blister Your Heels) Walking in the Dark””

  • tonebytone says:

    Wow, again, Craig! This speaks sneakiness, conspiracy, spying, etc to me. Those folks on the left side are definitely up to something as they sneak up to peer around the corner. Looks like they’ve send one of their own around the corner to see what that other gal is up to. Is she writing something on the monument? A definite no-no. Is she making a tracing or rubbing from the surface? She’s definitely doing something.

    The colors: mostly blue with hints of green in the left side shadows and magenta in the right side highlights. Beautiful.


  • Usha says:

    M. Night Shyamalan…..move over! Shadow people are here!

    I am very intrigued, kind of disturbed but darkly fascinated by this series. It certainly has a spooky, shadowy, another dimension feel to it. I can really get into this series. I am making up all kinds of stories in my head. Definitely an M. Night Shyamalan kind of a feel in MY stories this invokes in my head.

    I think I am going to enjoy this series a LOT.

  • aprilS says:

    Oh, I like your pushing this one to the extreme.

    I see the film maker in you, here. :)

    The contrast in scale strikes me as very powerful. I can imagine it on a big screen…

  • admin says:

    Hi Everybody,

    Thank you for being here and thank you for the thoughts and comments.

    The cinematic references mean a lot… You will see me going more and more for that. Looking for opportunities to tell stories within a single frame. This was such a classic cinematic set up. The base of the arch at twilight and at night is a stage complete with stage lights and” actors” who are completely in the moment brought to their heightened state of being by the mesmerizing audacity of the Gateway Arch itself.

    For me a good story needs conflict and to my eye the “shadow people” bring in just enough of a archetypal sinister element to create the potential for suspense.

    A return trip to the Arch is definitely on the agenda!!!…. Craig

  • Rockysal says:

    Hey Craig, the next time your in St.Louis, contact me and I’ll shoot with you. I live here and have a g3 lensbaby. tle6@sbcglobal.net

  • Genji says:

    This is my favorite of the 3 “Arch” shots. The two people on the right hold my attention. They both appear so interested. The other people look like their peering around to watch those two. Your work always gives me new ideas.

  • Marti says:

    Hi Craig –

    Of the three “darker” images of the Shadow People, this is my favorite. The woman reaching out to touch the Arch on the right appears to be pregnant. And, with the other shadows lurking around the corner, this image brings to mind the movie “Children of Men” — a favorite movie of mine — in some strange corner of my mind.

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