“Walk Away”


Light Diary Year2 Week 5
Theme: Sketches from the Trip

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2 Responses to ““Walk Away””

  • tonebytone says:

    Now this image I do like! I can feel/see myself hurrying down those stairs to catch up with that guy who’s about to disappear. Don’t have any idea why I want to catch him – but maybe it’s “curiosity killed the cat” time and I shouldn’t be so nosey.

    To the colors of the image: I love the warmth of the overall image My eyes went down those stairs, saw the legs, then noticed the magentas around them. Then I wanted some blue! So back up the stairs my eyes came, actually in search of blue, which I did find in subtle places on the stairs. I’d been in such a hurry to descend that I’d walked my eyes right past those blues.

    So to me the message is – don’t be in so much of a hurry that you miss some subtleties along the way. For it’s in these subtleties that richness sometimes lies.


  • Tim Gray says:

    After looking at this several time over the past few days, I think I can finally put my finger on what is holding my attention so well. I follow the stairs down and then go immediately to the the legs – what surprises me is that I don’t leave the frame, but am drawn back to the “lightest part of the image” – the highlight on the stairway. I also find that the tangency of the apex of the implied triangle formed by the legs legs to the top edge adds just the right amount of tension to the composition.

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