“Driver’s Side”

Canon Mark II 1DS f2.8 28-70mm @70mm ISO 50 f22@ .7secs

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3 Responses to ““Driver’s Side””

  • tonebytone says:

    Rainy day and an endless, day after day commute. Since there are many cars ahead of you and none coming from the other way, this must be one of those rush-hours going home on one of those roads that carry traffic one way in the morning, the opposite way in the evening. I’d like to think this is a going-home direction, as it’s too dreary a day to even think about venturing out to start my day.

    Craig, I’m glad to finally know that you, too, sometimes shoot while driving, lol!


  • admin says:

    Hi Flo,

    Yes I love to photograph while I drive :)…. and yes this is one of “those roads” and yes I was going home. I live at the bottom of the hill in the picture…..Craig

  • Tim Gray says:

    I like the idea of this, but wonder if it could be simpler, so I gave it a whirl at: http://www.tmelive.com/index.php/forum/thread/2078.html
    Craig, hope you don’t mind!

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