“Crab Pot Handle”

Canon 5D Mark II Sigma f2.8 14mm lens ISO 200 f2.8@ 1/1500th

Hey Everybody,

This was one of the detail shots from the wedding. The heart adornment is obvious but the object is sitting on the railing of the dock where Kate and Justin got married. At the end of the week I will post a link to a 100 image slideshow that follows the story of the wedding…..Craig

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  • injust says:

    Hi Craig,

    This is one of my absolute favorites from the wedding- I’d been wondering what lens you used and what time of day you took it. It’s gorgeous and so iconic. I’d assumed you used your 16-35 up close, but it’s even wider- such a great wide-angle close up! Did you take this in the early morning? How far away were you? And lastly, was this a found shot, or did you put the crab line there yourself?

  • Craig says:

    Hey Justin,

    Glad you like this one Justin. This is one of my favorites too. I shot it very early Sunday morning after finishing shooting beachscapes. I am very, very close here….. just a few inches away. That is one of the cool things about a fixed 14mm lens. Its a lens that will focus extremely close so you can get this very surreal combination of an extremely wide angle of view combined with the feelings that can be generated by shallow depth of field and macro. Someone had left this on the railing although I did move it on the railing once I saw it. Thank you again Justin for all of your support and kindness……Craig

  • aprilS says:

    What a wonderful find! I can imagine not noticing this subject, unless in a mind-set focused on/open to all possibilities associated with the wedding. Love the way you repositioned so the forward angles (so many — including the heart!) reflect the angles of the clouds, along with the shallow DOF. A “marriage” of earth and sky, near and far, hard and soft, concrete and ephemeral.

    Oh, and of course the red, green, blue — a full (dynamic) spectrum. :)

  • Tim Gray says:

    Ah Ha! I’ve been trying to identify what resonates with me in this image for 3 days now – and finally figured it out. It’s Craig’s reflection in the heart!

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