Canon Mark II 1DS f 4.0 17-40mm zoom @17mm ISO 1600 f4.0 @ 1/8th

Downtown Lakeland – Lakeland, Fl. Theme Week Four: Location, Location, Location



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  • mgrigsby says:

    Craig, After a week of B&W images, it took me by surprise to see one in color this morning. I haven’t been able to connect the title to the photo yet and this one seems very busy compared to the last four that left no doubt what the subject of interest was. Since last night was a blue moon, I do like your timing on this shot :0) OT — I’m glad to hear that your donation campaign is going well and that those that can afford to support RV are doing so. I am retired and on a fixed income and I usually drop off a site when the subject of money comes up. I do contribute with an occasional photo and daily comments so as long as that meets the minimum guidelines I’ll continue and if and when I can send a little money I will. Digital photography is such a blessing for me because there are no operating costs like film and processing and after 50 years of shooting film it rekindled my creative juices. So thank you and all at RV for sharing you skills and vision with everyone!!

  • tonebytone says:

    Well, like Murry said, the color is a surprise! I love the color and the time of day – er, night. 2 white swans and 2 black swans – perfectly arranged. Do you have some sort of arrangements with “Swanland” to get them to pose for you? LOL

    I love everything about this except for the – to me- overpowering dark forms of the tree branches, large and small. That just looks messy. Could you have lowered the camera position to eliminate at least part of those branches?

    I’ve tossed many images, due to messy looking tree branches that I really couldn’t do anything about. Yesterday I tossed a bunch of images of geese and ducks, due to messy backgrounds that didn’t look all that bad until I downloaded the batch into my laptop – and then – horrors! I sure hope you’ll address the tree branches situation in your podcast. :-)


  • admin says:

    Hi Murray,

    The contributions of your time and photography both here and on Radiant Vista are valued very highly!!! You are a great example to me of someone who gives like they receive and it is deeply appreciated!!! There are multiple levels of the concept of orbit in this photograph…a couple are visual and the rest are back story ideas…of course more in the Podcast!!!

    Anf Flo thank you too for all of your time and energy. I am also very grateful for how you keep after me about the details in these images!!!…Craig

  • ivanmakarov says:

    Craig –

    I am fairly new to the Radiant Vista and this web-site as well, as I’ve listened to just about all podcasts few weeks back while driving between Utah and California. I am also new to digital photography, having bought my first DSLR just last winter. I really appreciate all you do, and I am glad that you continue to teach. I’d love to attend one of your workshops, and I hope you’ll be in California soon enough (too bad I couldn’t make the recent one in SF).

    I’ll write and participate more from now on, but just wanted to say hello.


  • jckirk says:


    You told some of the backstory about this image at the SF RV Workshop. I found it very interesting that you took this nearly in the dark and didn’t see the black swans until later. I’m currently reading a book entitled “The Black Swan, The impact of the Highly Improbable.” I would guess that this photograph was a highly improbable event.

    Does the title come from the four pairs of swans “orbiting” the single swan in the center?

    I’m not at all bothered by the branches as Flo is. It is such a surreal image to begin with, it just seems fine as-is to me. Bravo.


  • Mark Sisco says:


    Great colors. I love the way the blues and pinks are complimenting each other, and the play of the lights with the pink swans. I agree with Flo on the branches . . . often a distracting element, but in this case they frame things very nicely.

    I’m sure this goes against the grain of traditional thinking when it comes to having a moon in the scene, but to some degree it bothers me. It tends to pull my eye from the idea of the swans and the “main attractions” in the lower half of the image. I keep wavering as to whether I like the moon or not.

    Thanks for sharing another fabulous, inspiring image.


  • fclark says:

    This image feels unnatural to me; I can’t find a familiar place to enter the photo. The swans in the front have a strange color and then we jump to completely black swans- doesn’t make sense. The hands that grab me and pull me in asking me to look closer are on vacation in this photo. Sorry, I don’t care for the image.

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