“Pablo at the Ghost Town Saloon #4″

Canon 5D Mark II, F1.4 50mm lens, ISO 5000, f1.8@ 1/90th handheld, existing light, Terlingua, Tx.

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4 Responses to ““Pablo at the Ghost Town Saloon #4″”

  • BobDein says:


    Why did you elect not to use a little fill flash?


  • Craig says:

    Hey Bob,

    Great question. I almost always have, at the least, one Canon 580 EX flash with me but I rarely ever use fill flash (when I am doing personal shooting) inside a bar or public space out of consideration for the other people who are there and the people or person that I am photographing. Flash can be pretty intrusive.

    Your question is exactly the kind of question I am hoping to get here as I move forward with publishing more Light Diary Vidcasts. The Light Diary Episode for these images will release next week and I will go further into depth in the video Bob about the high contrast light I was faced with here and why I chose this particular image……Craig

    P.S. The last two years on the Street Portraiture Workshop we only worked with natural light but this year we will have one shoot where we talk about fill flash and using battery powered strobe to create street portraits with a one light set up.

  • ScottH says:

    I really like this image I am split between the first one and this one as a favorite. The lighting across the face and his expression really tell a story. My eye is attracted to those bright areas but they seem to lead me right back to the subject. I have to wonder what would happen if you had shifted the camera slightly to your right to increase the separation between the bright background object and the face. Anyway love this picture and really enjoyed the class, it has definitely changed the way I think about photographs, not totally sure it has sunk into my shooting yet but that will come.


  • Craig says:

    Hey Scott,

    Thank you for being here and thank you again for participating in the Big Bend Workshop. Your photography and your approach to seeing your subject was inspiring to say the least. I am happy to hear you like this image. Its my favorite of the four. I will expand more on why its my favorite in the the upcoming Light Diary Vidcast. I hope you have a great holiday season……Craig

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