“Light Painting #1 – Terlingua Cemetery”

Canon 5D Mark II, F2.8 16-35mm zoom lens @ 17mm, ISO 500, f4.5@ 30 secs, tripod, full moon & LED flashlight, Terlingua, Tx.

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6 Responses to ““Light Painting #1 – Terlingua Cemetery””

  • Dougsolis says:

    Love your night image, not sure if the action I’m seeing from the clouds is just from the 30 second exposure or if you have added some motion blur but it really give the viewer a strong sense of being pulled into this image (grave), yike. Love the repetition of the crosses, there is definitely some sort of hierarchy presumed with a large above ground and a in- ground grave with a simple border and a third in- ground grave just surrounded by rocks and dirt. The feeling of a hierarchy is also magnified by your use of a superwide angle shot. I also like how you have highlighted the crosses with light painting. Can’t think of any changes. Well done.

  • Craig says:

    Hey Doug,

    Thank you for being here and thank you for the words of support. The sky movement is just the cloud action…. I didn’t add any other motion blur….it was an amazing night to the extent that the sky was full of beautiful clouds that were being lit by the moon and they were moving through the sky at a fast enough clip to create some beautiful motion effects at 30 seconds. I too also like the progression or sequencing of the different markers and graves…..Craig

  • tlpphoto says:

    I also like the motion of the clouds and the repetition in the crosses. On the cloud motion, I’ve seen a technique where you take several images and then layer them in PS with reduced opacity. The end result is effectively a much longer exposure so the clouds have more motion in them while the stationary objects stay sharp. Is this a method you’ve used before? Have I missed a video on this someplace in the archives?
    Thanks again and Happy New Year.

  • Rosemary says:

    Hi Craig,
    This is such a powerfully evocative image. Wow. It has so much emotional pull. The drama of the crosses, the sky, the…cryptic foreground…it is all really…agitating (in a good way). My eyes keep darting from the front to back of this image looking for…what exactly I don’t know? Something to emerge, to dart across the image?

  • Gordon says:

    Very strong. Love the clouds.

  • Craig says:

    Hey Tim, Rosemary and Gordon,

    Thank you for being here and thank you for the very kind words of support.

    Tim… I have not tried the layering effect for motion….sounds like a great technique……Craig

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