“Home at Last”

Canon 5D Mark II f2.8 16-35mm zoom @ 35mm ISO 50 f22@ 6secs Singh-Ray Vari ND Bogen Neotech Tripod

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  • tomjones says:

    Hey Craig,

    I like what you’ve done with this image. It feels cold and reminds me of early mornings during the “off-season” along the coast.

    Not sure if it was your intent, but I see this image as making the best of what was available. I likely would have saw the overcast sky and no obvious foreground and went for coffee. By slowing the shutter speed, you’ve gotten patterns in the water that mimic the soft patterns in the sky. What I like best is that you’ve created some strong leading lines in the foreground by blurring the water.


  • ansiedutoit says:

    Very moody, and brings back memories!

  • aprilS says:

    Strange… In my memory of first viewing this image yesterday, I thought it was titled “Going Home.” That ties with the movement and distant horizon, but…

    The peacefulness and stability of this image, space/time to breathe, and promise on the horizon resonate strongly for me with the title “Home at Last”.

    I would enjoy living with this image no matter what it was titled. Subtle, quiet, spacious, beautiful.

  • Craig says:

    Hey Tom, Ansie, and April,

    Thank you for being here.

    I am back to shooting almost everyday for the blog.

    Tom – I had a cloudy morning shoot at the beach at low tide. The thing that really effected me in the scene was just the faintest glimmer of color right along the horizon. I love the idea of using proportion in a way where the highest value idea is used very sparingly. I also intentionally left the image very open with nothing even close to a black or white point. I did that to flatten the perspective. I wanted to draw more attention to color, shape and quality of line vs. the idea of the beach itself. In my mind this a a partial abstraction.

    Ansie – I miss you and the workshop. Thank you so much for all the great energy you brought to the experience of the workshop and thank you for your art. Your photographs are beautiful and inspiring to say the least.

    April – thank you for the kind words about this one. I am happy you like it.
    My favorite days at the beach look like this…soft light and soft, broken colors….. this was such a beautiful morning and the perfect anecdote for my post workshop blues……Craig

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