“Post Holiday Blues #2″

Ghost Tour Hearse at Christmas Savannah Ga River Street
Canon 5D Mark II f2.8 16-35mm II lens @27mm ISO 100 f2.8@ 1/60th Singh-Ray Warming Plus Polarizer Bogen Neotech Tripod

Ghost Tour hearse with Christmas bow on River Street (Savannah, Ga.) on Christmas Eve morning. I will let you guess what the item is on the windshield.

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2 Responses to ““Post Holiday Blues #2″”

  • wnor says:

    This causes me to smile big time, Craig. The Ghostmoville all decked out with a red ribbon. I also think of “A Christmas Carol” when I look at this. Wonder where Tiny Tim is! That a great moment to be in the right place to capture this wonderful image. Is that a parking ticket on the windshield?


  • Craig says:

    Hey Wes,

    Thank you for being here my friend. You are at the top of my gratitudes always. It sure looks like a parking ticket and that irony made me smile big time when I was taking pictures of this scene….but it turns out its something else a lot more practical than a parking ticket. I will let a few others take a guess……hope you are staying warm….. Craig

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