“Sundial in Johnson Square at Twilight”

Sundial In Johnson Square at Twilight Savannah Ga
Canon 1DS Mark II F2.8 16-35mm zoom Lens @24mm f16@ 1.5 seconds

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  • Usha says:

    Woah….Outstanding and kind of unusual for you. Love it! Words that come to mind…ethereal, church like, timeless, otherworldly, feel the presence of other beings in the silllouetty shadows…..wow…..

    May I ask what time of day this was taken? What te capture and post processing details were?

  • wnor says:

    I can’t begin to understand how you did this, but I really like the effect. I know where this is and the direction we are looking in but just can’t figure out the blurring regions since they seem to be different on the sun dial than the south edge of the square. Are those car light in the background? A very mysterious shot.


  • Craig says:

    Hey Usha and Wes,

    Thank you for the great feedback and great questions.

    This was taken just before sunrise on a rainy morning….in fact it had just stormed and nearly flooded. As far as capture goes its just a little bit of slap zoom combined with camera shake. Images like this one for me are inspired by one of my big photographic heroes….Ernst Hass. His motion studies were almost always partial abstractions which requires more craft and more thought than pure abstracts created by camera movement. For shots like this I always start by finding a literal scene that I like (the hard part :)). Most of the time the thing that motivates me to involve motion is a struggle with contrast in the scene. Motion blurring generally reduces contrast and that was definitley the case with this scene. As far as post- processing goes I haven’t done too much to it. I changed the proportions closer to a 4×5 aspect ratio. I do that on many of my vertical scenics……I think it slows the eye down by encouraging more “x” axis movement and keeps the viewer with the picture longer. I also worked a little to bring up more shadow detail and I cloned a bit to break one of the vertical lines in the background that was too strong IMO for the rest of the scene.

    And Wes the lights in the background are street lamps…..thank you again!….. Craig

  • aprilS says:

    I think immediately of New Year’s Eve (perhaps even in “Times Square”), and the end of the Mayan Calendar. I wonder what lies just over the horizon?

    Lovely in aspect, and rich in associations!

  • tonebytone says:

    Craig, I can stand right where you were when you made this – even the blurring didn’t disguise the place for me. A masterful creation tho. Like April, I feel a sort of New Year’s Eve to this image.

    And also a sense of time flying past – oops, when I wasn’t looking – can I ever catch up?!


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