“Mesquite Flat Dunes – Death Valley N.P.”

Canon 1DS Mark II f4 17-40mm zoom @ 17mm f13@ 1/60th ISO 400 Bogen Neotech Tripod: Mesquite Flat Dunes – Death Valley N.P.

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8 Responses to ““Mesquite Flat Dunes – Death Valley N.P.””

  • tonebytone says:

    Clouds converge to the left; sand ripples converge to the right – and then there’s that slight disturbance in lower right. And IMHO, this is what “makes” this image. Also, there are lots of implied Vs.

  • Craig says:

    Hey Flo,

    Thank you for stopping by….and I agree with you about the lower right…. that is essentially the subject of this picture and one of my favorite things about shooting landscapes in dune fields…. being able to isolate ordinary subjects in an extraordinary qualities of light…..Craig

  • Gordon says:

    My overwhelming impression whenever I’m out in those dunes is of ‘bright dazzling light’ Painfully bright even, during the day, or soft bright light in moonlight or predawn.

    So this certainly goes the other way

  • Sam Gray says:

    Classic (near-middle-far) wide angle shot…especially love the crocodile head cloud in the upper left balanced perfectly by the tiny dark mountain in the upper right, two key elements of the image for me…

  • BobDein says:

    I love the drama. You have me hooked on high contrast monochrome.

  • aprilS says:

    Impressions of space, movement, and time. That’s the experience this image evokes so strongly in me.

  • Craig says:

    Hey Sam, Bob, and April,

    Thank you for being here today and thank you for all of the feedback…greatly appreciated…. Death Valley N.P. is home to some of my all time favorite landscapes … have recently been reading some amazing stories about the Southern Paiute Indians which has planted a strong seed of wanting to do some exploring of the wilderness areas on the west side of the park…..Craig

    P.S. Sam…great eye noticing those corner details….I almost always run a lens distortion “layer” in Photoshop to correct the geometric distortion that comes with shooting superwide and sometimes you lose edge detail. In this case of this image I lost both of those details you mentioned…. and it literally killed the image… so I just left the barrel distortion in the composition.

  • Craig says:

    Hey Gordon,

    Thank you for stopping by!

    Good point about the light in the dunes…. one of the things I love about black and white is that, being abstract to begin with, I feel like it gives me more freedom to interpret the scene however I want. And so far, as a photographer, I have been way more interested in viewing documentary style photography than I ever have been in creating it. The original shot was actually overexposed….this finished version is probably 4 or 5 stops darker than what I shot in camera…..Craig

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