“Jekyll Island Pier at Night #1″

Canon 5D mark II f2.8 16-3mm lens II f4.5@10 secs Bogen Neotech tripod: Jekyll Island Pier with light painting

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8 Responses to ““Jekyll Island Pier at Night #1″”

  • fneunemann says:

    Great shot, Craig. Did you do some light painting in the foreground?



  • Craig says:

    Hey Frank

    Thank you for being here and thank you for the question.

    Exactly….. the foreground rocks were light painted with a very bright LED flashlight which was red gelled. I also wanted to say that I (mostly) light painted on the rocks from extreme camera left so that my lighting created a dramatic side light. That gave dimension to the foreground rocks and mimics the lighting which is on the end of the Pier. When people first start to paint with light they can just paint without being aware of the effect of the direction of the light on the composition……Craig

  • wnor says:

    Oh my, what a sensational image, Craig. As many times as I have been to Jekyll Island and to this pier, I have not seen it from your POV. Looking at this shot, I have such fond memories of being here. The light painted rocks in the foreground adds just the right amount of interest to this picture. I think that car break lights could have worked well here, too :). I love the bright yellow light reflections as a stark contrast to the dark and moody sky and water elsewhere in the image. I am so inspired to get out and shoot. When are we going to Jekyll again?


  • Craig says:

    Hey Wes

    Thank you…glad you like this one. I just got lucky with this sky. The light painting was out of necessity….if I wanted a foreground I had to light it because relative to the Pier and the sky there was extremely little existing light hitting the rocks. I chose red to compliment the blue of the sky. The wild thing about these colors is this is pretty much how it came out of the camera. And we can go to Jekyll again whenever you want. And thanks for reminding me about those car brake lights!….Craig

  • tonebytone says:

    Pretty spectacular! I love how the layer of clouds and the layer of red rocks “sandwich” our attention to the pier and the wonderful yellow reflections. It also always amazes me, yet disturbs me, too, that sometimes the reflections seem to drift off the vertical somewhat, as they do in the left of the image.


  • Craig says:

    Hey Flo

    Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the feedback….very good point about the keystoning of the reflection lines…. now that you brought it to my attention I might just correct it on my 16 bit master file and repost the image…..Craig

  • tonebytone says:

    OH! So that’s keystoning, the result of having used a wide angle lens!!! No wonder some of my own images have this effect also, lol. Don’t know why I didn’t figure it out – I had just thought it might be due to the wind blowing the waves that way. DUH!!!


  • Craig says:

    Hey Flo,

    It turns out to correct that keystoning is quite a project because each reflected line is tilted at a slightly different angle. Many sections of the image would have to be selected and corrected and then mask blended along the edges. I find myself extremely busy again so that project will have to wait!…..Craig

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