“Sandstorm at Sunrise #2 – Death Valley N.P.”

Canon 1DS Mark II f2.8 16-35mm zoom II f8@1/45th ISO 400 Singh-Ray Warming Polarizer Plus handheld:
Sandstorm at Mesquite Flat Dunes, Death Valley N.P.

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7 Responses to ““Sandstorm at Sunrise #2 – Death Valley N.P.””

  • tonebytone says:

    Oh wow! It almost looks like the ocean instead of sand in the foreground. I’m amazed that you were able to protect your equipment.

    Thanks for sharing these images and their backstories.


  • Craig says:

    Thank you Flo ! The only thing that suffered was my zoom lens….it got quite a bit of sand under the collar but it worked itself out without any lasting damage.

  • fneunemann says:

    Hey Craig:

    Just wonderful, silky tonality!! Great photograph!

    Just 3 weeks ago I went on a day hike along a really wild stretch of beach at the baltic sea and got sandblasted at wind force 7 to 8. ;-) Brought home a number of nice pictures. Miraculously I had no problems with sand in my equipment.



  • Craig says:

    Hey Frank

    Thank you for being here and thank you for the kind words about the shot. Your day hike sounds great. Its really sort of amazing how well sealed DSLR equipment is these days…..Craig

  • peterhbaker says:

    I really hope you sell large prints of this series. Just absolutely amazing Craig. Inspires me to head to the desert…

  • Craig says:

    Hey Peter,

    Hope this finds you doing very well my friend…. thank you for stopping by…. and thank you for the kind words about this shot…. several people have emailed me to ask for a look at the raw files and or a color shot from this series….will get up one or the other soon….Craig

  • fneunemann says:

    I love the interplay of the clouds, the bushes in the middle- and background and the flowing sand. Great composition!

    >> Its really sort of amazing how well sealed DSLR equipment is these days…

    Thats true, Craig. At that special occasion I was shooting with rental equipment during a 4-day workshop hosted by Leica Academy, so I was lucky to use my all time favorite Leica M9 plus 3 lenses. Left the 28mm f2 on the camera during the worst part of the “sandblast”. Leicas seem to be indistructable, but very pricey as well. I especially loved the Summilux 50mm f1.4 lens. It felt a bit like a deja vu from the mid-1970s when I had my own Leica M3…



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