“Luther in Chippewa Square”

Canon 5D Mark II f1.4 50mm lens f1.8@ 1/30th handheld: Luther (the Doberman Pischer) in Chippewa Square, Savannah, Ga.

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8 Responses to ““Luther in Chippewa Square””

  • aprilS says:

    OMG. Such personality!!!

    So artfully splayed on the walkway, loving the moment, this makes me laugh in delight.

  • Craig says:

    Hey April

    Thank you for being here. I walk about an hour with Luther everyday. He is a 110 pound Doberman Pincer so as you can imagine people know me as the guy with that really big dog. He is a fantastic companion….and I am just figuring out he likes to have his picture taken…..Craig

  • wnor says:

    I just have to smile when I see this pose. Luther is such a character!!


  • Craig says:

    Hey Wes

    Thanks for being here. Luther brings me a lot of smiles too…. he’s a great dog…..Craig

  • tonebytone says:

    I’m glad I got to meet Luther last year. He’s such a great dog – sizewise, too. And an unusual color, which of course, can’t be seen here.

    This is a great portrait of him. All he needs is a top hat and cane and he’d go onstage and really wow ‘em!


  • bgercken says:

    Too much to LOVE about this photograph! Sooo awesome that you got another dog – it was only a matter of time. :-)


  • Craig says:

    Hey Bill,

    Hope this finds you doing very well…. Luther is a gentle giant…. and he is such a curiosity to so many people (30 pounds larger and several inches taller than what is normal for a Dobie and almost totally bald….and no cropped ears) that it gives us a chance to meet even more people than you normally meet when you walk a dog. …. Craig

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