Workshop Testimonials

Testimonials from Craig’s just completed 2011Workshops

Testimonials from the 2011 Advanced Landscape Workshop

This is truly an “Advanced” landscape workshop. It is unlike any other workshop I’ve attended. It is well organized both in instruction and critiques and at the same time flexible enough to encourage creativity. One is not just dropped off at places to find pretty pictures although you will leave with a beautiful selection of images. Craig and his team are always available for assistance with cameras, techniques and Adobe products.  This is a “graduate” level course and as such you will work, you will have your mind expanded, you will be challenged, you will not be coddled, and you will leave with a purpose to your photography. This is the only workshop I’ve ever attended where the last half day was not a breakfast and a wave good-bye. It continued with concentrated instruction and evaluation. I highly recommend this workshop. It is top drawer all the way. David B. (Advanced Landscape Workshop 2011)

The Jekyll Island Advance Landscape Workshop offered lots of time to shoot and lots of classroom time devoted to critique and instruction. The group size was small and intimate. Craig and his assistants spent all of their time helping us to become a better photographers, not shooting for their own portfolios. Craig’s constant pushing us toward our own style and a purpose in our photography got me going in the right direction. For the first time in my life I am making my own photographs.  Take this workshop. You will not be disappointed. Bill W. (Advanced Landscape Workshop 2011)

During the Advanced Landscape Workshop I loved the interaction between all of the participants in addition to the warmth and sincerity of Craig and his two assistants – Wes and Peter. The critiques were great to hear. Each photograph that Craig reviewed gave me more insight into the art form. What made the most impact on me was Craig’s role as a guide to the artist within each of us. I picked up photography as a hobby about five years ago, not really understanding the depth of the project to which I had committed. I have spent a lot of time reading about how to take a good photo, but never understood that I needed to commit to understanding my style and working diligently on it.  You opened my eyes to a world that I didn’t understand. I am excited about how I will proceed. Ilene M. (Advanced Landscape Workshop)

Testimonials from the 2011 Composition Intensive Workshop

The best investment you can make in your photography is to enroll in one of the Mindful Eye workshops! I selected the Composition Intensive workshop because I felt I took nice pictures, but I was clueless about the principals of design and how to use them to strengthen an imagine. Craig brought both the elements of design and the principles of design into sharp focus. Learning these concepts have made an impact on my photography. Craig is an amazing educator. Hhis teaching style is one that insures you will fully comprehend the subject matter. In addition to Craig’s dedication to teaching and inspiring, he is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. Joe A. (Composition Intensive 2011)

The September Composition Intensive was just that!  Intense. Transformative. Inspiring. Creative barriers came tumbling down with Craig’s encouragement and his powerful teaching technique. Sharing his passion and his knowledge of design and color while he worked through the critiques and lessons created an atmosphere of inspiration. One leaves with the tools to be your own best teacher and take your personal style beyond the ordinary and conventional. And to have FUN getting there. Glad I have Craig’s Daily Critiques to hold me over until my next workshop with him.  Patti M. (Composition Intensive 2011)

I came from South Africa to do Craig’s Composition Intensive Workshop, not knowing what to expect. I did research him on the internet, but still felt uncertain. There was no need for any trepidation! He is a kind and caring individual and looks after his participants very well. His knowledge about and enthusiasm for photography infuses his participants with the will to try and do better! The assignments were interesting and always a surprise. I heard some people say that his workshops are never the same. He spends a lot of time with everyone individually. He truly inspires you to work on your photography with a goal in mind. I had the greatest fun imaginable, but I think the inspiration to start project work resonated with me the most. After the workshop he still does a tremendous amount of work with everyone, publishing a book of everyone’s portfolios. I would do another workshop with Craig any time! Ansie D. (Composition Intensive 2011)

“The Composition Intensive Workshop is a must. You’d do yourself a favor by understanding the essentials of what makes a good photograph before tackling a more specific workshop. This is my third workshop with Craig and it helped me to focus on what my personal style is and how to better develop it. Craig was not exaggerating when he said that Savannah has the friendliest people around! The workshop is varied enough that it touched on many shooting subjects, which gave everyone a chance to see what they enjoy photographing most. I now have a much clearer understanding of the importance of composition and how it can make or break a photograph. ” Emma F. (Composition Intensive 2011)

“Craig Tanner is the most positive instructor I’ve met. His enthusiasm is catching. He inspires his students to shed their inhibitions and to take on new challenges. His critiques are inspirational in helping his workshop students to grow. I know I’m a better photographer because of Craig’s instruction. ” Howard S. (Composition Intensive 2011)

Testimonials from the 2011 Spirit of Whidbey Island Workshop

Wow! I have never worked so hard, learned so much and had so much fun in the process of becoming a better photographer than I did at The Spirit of Whidbey Island Workshop with Craig Tanner. This workshop strengthened my technical skills and heightened my artistic and creative awareness. Craig’s powerful presentations inspired, empowered and enlightened me to break through fears to open up to a whole new vision. I can’t wait to sign up for another workshop and recommend Craig’s workshops to everyone.
Kay K. 2011 Spirit of Whidbey Island

I recently took the 2011 Spirit of Whidbey Island Workshop. Craig is a gifted teacher – knowledgeable, passionate, encouraging, organized and down-to-earth. There was a good mix of classroomwork and field work and every question was thoroughly answered. His sense of humor kept the workshop flowing and his own commitment to photography and life was inspiring. I now have a good foundation to take my photography to the next level. Gwen C. 2011 Spirit of Whidbey Island Workshop

The Spirit of Whidbey Island was my second workshop with Craig and it  won’t be my last.  I find once again that what I’ve taken home is more than a vacation, more than a new community of fine artistic friends, and more than an extra bucket of photographic tools.  It seems that when I commit to getting out of my own way for a few days, with the right guidance, my potential energy expands in leaps. Dave C. 2011 Spirit of Whidbey Island

Taking Craig’s workshop was a constant challenge, not only of our stamina and photography skills, but also of my philosophy of life. Craig is an enthusiastic, dedicated teacher who earnestly wants to bring out the best in each participant, not only with the camera, but also with our belief in ourselves. It was a shock to realize how much negativity was impacting my work. That realization was an important outcome of taking his course. His comments on our work were always fair, and helpful – never hurtful. Taking his course is the most important photography decision I’ve ever made. I am very grateful to him. Irene G. 2011 Spirit of Whidbey Island

Craig is a very unique individual – 25% life coach, 25% philosopher, and 100% photography teacher. His workshops are not just about photography theory and technique, although there is plenty of that. The workshops are also about becoming a better and more creative photographer by becoming a more evolved and positive person. I left Whidbey Island with a whole list of things I want to improve in photography technique and another whole list of things I want to work on in terms experiencing life in a more open and positive manner. Craig challenges his students, but no more than he challenges himself. Katie B. 2011 Spirit of Whidbey Island

Testimonials from the 2011 Jekyll Island Landscape Workshop

The Jekyll Island Workshop was my first workshop with Craig and it was absolutely amazing — even revelatory. I can say without any reservation whatsoever that it was the single best thing that I have ever done to advance my skills as photographer and artist. Craig’s passion for his art is matched by his passion for teaching. I learned so much, and not just about the technical aspects of capturing a great image. But also, and more importantly perhaps, about the creative process and how photography is not just about what is out there, but rather has much more to do with what is in your mind as a photographic artist — really inspirational stuff. I can recommend this workshop without reservation. I will most certainly be back for more workshops with Craig in the future. – Dayle G. (2011 Jekyll Island Workshop)

This was my first workshop and it exceeded my expectations. Craig’s energy and dedication to providing individual attention to the participants was incredible. I also enjoyed the fact that in addition to the typical technical stuff, we spent a lot of time talking about why a photo worked or didn’t. Craig’s insights on composition, design and how we can use simple post processing to emphasize emotion and meaning we were very powerful. – Jim L. (2011 Jekyll Island Workshop)

Craig’s workshops are a transformative and inspiring experience. Craig goes far beyond teaching mere technique – sharing universal lessons from his own successes and failures, explaining and applying the science of color and design to photography, creating a sharing community from a group a strangers so we all become teachers to each other, adapting insights to your personal situation and style, inspiring you to be your own source of creativity and inspiration. Only 4 1/2 days and you leave with ideas, tools and inspiration to last a long time. – Steve D. (2011 Jekyll Island Workshop)

I was attracted to the workshop by way of listening to Craig’s Daily Critique. It became obvious to me right away that Craig possessed a deep photographic design understanding that I wanted to learn about. I am happy to report that the Jekyll Island Workshop experience exceeded my high expectations! Craig is a wonderfully friendly human being as well as an outstanding teacher. Craig’s passion for photography and teaching was clear throughout the 5 days. The workshop schedule was very nicely split between shooting, lab, critique, formal instruction and social time. I highly recommend the workshop to anyone wanting to advance their landscape photography skills.
Carl S. (2011 Jekyll Island Workshop)

My eyes and my heart were very powerfully opened by the personable and fun style in which Craig chooses to teach. Critiques, which can be so painful to many (but are nonetheless a necessary component to advancing one’s level of work) were deftly delivered with an incredible knowledge base of photographic design and compositional expertise. Critiques were always tempered with a sincere component of consideration for each participant’s feelings and dignity. Come for the better part of a week and be prepared to work, learn and have fun and return home with knowledge and memories that will accelerate and carry your craft forward for a lifetime. – Steven N. (2011 Jekyll Island)

The Jekyll Workshop allowed me to break down creative barriers and radically changed my methods for shooting landscapes. Craig’s approach to creativity has the ability to transform anyone’s personal style into one that goes beyond the ordinary. – Bill G. (2011 Jekyll Island)

The Jekyll Island workshop is one which I highly recommend to anyone interested in improving their photographic skills. Craig is a wonderful teacher and just a great guy to boot. He was readily available at all times, and obviously very dedicated to making our experience not only informative but also enjoyable. I came away with numerous “pearls” which will help not only with my landscape shooting but with all my photographic endeavors. I look forward to taking another of Craig’s workshops in the near future, and in the meantime will continue to follow him regularly on The Mindful Eye. – Clem N. (2011 Jekyll Island)

I walked away with a streamlined plan for what I want to do to become a better photographer. Art is a blend of technical ability with personal discipline, technique and dedication. Craig is a master at weaving his story into the technical instruction. His critiques were directed at improvement, not criticism. I’ll not hesitate to attend future sessions as I can. Thanks! – Vernon B. (2011 Jekyll Island)

Testimonials from the 2011 Street Portraiture Workshop

Perhaps the best testimonial I can give for the Street Portraiture Workshop is to share an excerpt of an email that I received after the workshop from someone that my shooting partner and I approached on the street as part of an assignment: “…You have no idea how much fun we had; we talked about it all day and on the way back to Virginia! It was a great experience! …can’t wait to hear from you!” Both my workshop partner and I were blown away by this reaction from someone we had just met. We are both introverts. This sort of thing doesn’t happen to us, we said. And yet it did happen. Why? Because we said “yes.” We gave ourselves permission to have an experience. Craig’s workshops are powerful stuff. He facilitates magic. – Eric H.(2011 Street Portraiture)

One of the most informative workshops I’ve attended. Craig helps you build practical photographic skills while challenging you to move beyond what’s merely familiar and comfortable creatively. It was a fantastic week. – Neal P. (2011 Street Portraiture)

This workshop made me think, work, change and stretch both as a photographer and a person. I came home exhausted but elated at what I had experienced and excited by how I would put all into practice in my photography and in my life. – Yvonne R. (2011 Street Portraiture)

My wife and I have taken a number of photography workshops over the years and enjoyed them all. One of the things that made Craig’s workshop stand out for me was his extra push in tackling a difficult task: approaching, connecting with, and photographing strangers on the street. I couldn’t have done it without his guidance and inspiration. He also did a great job in covering elements of composition. I’ve heard all the usual guidelines, but Craig went deeper into the more essential elements of design. I particularly enjoyed his discussions of light and color. I would happily enroll in another of his workshops. – Ron. R (2011 Street Portraiture)

I have been taking informal portraits of family and friends with some trepidation, as I am fearful of poor results. Who wants to feel embarrassed when attempting to provide service to those that you love? I was hopeful that this workshop would give me confidence that I could perform under some self-induced pressure. Well, I got that, and much, much more. Yes, the workshop provides technical information and practice. Yes, the workshop provides opportunity to photograph other participants in ways to emphasize elements of design in composition. Yes, the workshop gave me more confidence in recognizing “good’ light, and how to position people to take advantage of it. But, more importantly, the workshop taught me that taking a photograph (and paying attention to) a person is a gift, and that many (most?) people appreciate, even love, being photographed. This has forever changed me. – Bob D.(2011 Street Portraiture)

Do not hesitate to sign up for this workshop because you think that photographing strangers is a scary prospect. Craig excels at framing the experience of approaching strangers so that you feel encouraged and supported throughout. This was my second Mindful Eye workshop in Savannah, and it truly is the ideal place to do street portraiture. I am very grateful for the opportunities that I had to make meaningful connections with people over the course of the workshop. If you allow yourself to have this experience, you will be rewarded on a very personal level. – Erin M. (2011 Street Portraiture)

Testimonials from the 2011 Next Step: The Artist’s Journey Workshop

The Next Step… is not just another workshop, it is a photography – and life – transforming experience. Craig brings tremendous energy and innovation to a very challenging, very rewarding, very hands-on week of learning to use our photography in new and much more meaningful ways. While this is not a technical workshop, Craig’s immense technical knowledge and experience and expert support are always quietly but readily available. Groups are kept small to ensure this, and also ensure wonderful co-operation, teamwork and strong friendships that inevitably develop in the course of an unforgettable week. – Erich K.(2011 Next Step Workshop)

There is no other workshop like this. You will (likely) be challenged in ways you could never have dreamed. And when you have finished you will know that no other photo workshop experience could have such a profound and positive effect on your photography and your life. – Michael B.(2011 Next Step Workshop)

This workshop provided the normal benefits of getting together with other photographers and the motivation that comes with that. Beyond that it provided for me something that I could not have imagined. I now know what my purpose is in photography, perhaps even for my existence. It is simply this, through my photography, I want to help people become the best that they can be. I learned the value of relationship before photographing someone. I learned that discomfort and anxiety are often necessary in advance of enhanced creativity. I learned the value of letting go and living in the here and now…really living. I learned that I have the most to gain by spending time with those I assume have the least to give. I learned that there is beauty everywhere and in everyone. Thank you Craig for opening my eyes. – Stan W. (2011 Next Step Workshop)

Craig does a masterful job of balancing training material, photography, discussions, critiques, and break time. This is a challenging workshop…. it doesn’t deprive you of sleep the way a peak-of-summer landscape workshop does, but you will do work and you will be tired. While there are opportunities for making scenic photographs, this workshop is about creativity, mindsets, and finding your way from making individual, disconnected photographs to producing a meaningful body of work. The assignments are quirky, fun, and build on each other so that by the end of the week I had learned so much more than I expected….and having attended a previous workshop of Craig’s, my expectations were high. I think most people attend this workshop because they feel like they’re stuck: either they have grown tired of the types of photographs they are making, or they have a sense that they want to do something “more” but aren’t quite sure what “more” is or how to do it. Craig will help you figure out how to solve these problems but he’ll teach you so much more along the way. If there’s any way for you to attend this workshop, I highly recommend it. -Tommy W. (2011 Next Step Workshop)

Older Testimonials

The Spirit of the City – San Francisco workshop was one of the best things I have done for my photography. The workshop exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Craig and Peter are awesome instructors and really helped me to improve my skills. But more than just the technical instruction, they provided the inspiration to push me outside my comfort zone and beyond any self-imposed limits on my creativity. John W. (San Francisco – Spirit of the City 2009)

“I have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of different photography workshops over the years and none have advanced my thinking more about photographic design and composition. While there was plenty of technical photographic support it was the conceptual approach that made this a unique experience.” Cam G. (San Francisco – Spirit of the City 2009)

The Jekyll Island Workshop was an incredible experience. Craig is an incredible teacher – He is knowledgeable, supportive and inspirational. I did gain a lot of technical knowledge about photography, but even more important was how much I learned about the creative process and how motivated I was to get out and take pictures when I got home. Marti was also extremely helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. …Craig’s….entire focus was on the students and their learning during the 51/2 days of the workshop. The supportive attitude of the instructors quickly filtered down to the participants – It was a great group and they served as additional inspiration and were great resources too. I think I learned something from everyone who participated. There was a wide variety of skill and knowledge among the participants, but I think everyone found the workshop valuable. My wife, a relative beginner learned an incredible amount, as did I, a more experienced photographer. I could not recommend any workshop more highly. Steve K. (Jekyll Island: Light Place and the Grand Scale Landscape 2009)

I used to say “I like photography”, but could never say “I am a photographer”.  Now I can.  I came away with a different sense of myself, my competence as a photographer, and learning how to feel safe enough to take risks in my approach to photography. I feel like I am forever changed as a person; that may sound hyperbolic, but it’s real.” Daniel G. (Next Step: The Artist’s Journey Workshop Participant 2009)

There is a lot I liked about the Teton National Park Workshop… I felt that you were there for us, always ready and willing to teach in a supportive fashion. What I learned was the most of any other workshop I have attended! I can’t wait to sign up for another! Edmund P. (Teton National Park Workshop participant September 2008)

Thank you for a wonderful experience. The Next Step workshop totally and completely surpassed my expectations. Not only did I come home with literally a dozen ideas for projects and some wonderful photos, but you enabled me to open up to an entirely new genre and helped me gain new insight into myself. Photography was really just a metaphor for self exploration and understanding the interconnectedness of life. It just doesn’t get any better. Mark J. (Next Step Workshop participant April 2008)

The Death Valley National Park workshop was superb! I came out of it not only with great photos, but with improved photographic vision and techniques. Everything was excellent: The locations and outings, the instructions and demonstrations, and the individual photo critique. Craig created a great atmosphere in which we all learned from each other as well as from him… the teaching was supportive, skillful, and excellent. I would recommend this workshop enthusiastically to anyone looking to boost their landscape photography to the next level. Saul S. (Death Valley National Park Workshop participant 2008)

I was sure that attending the Street Portraiture Workshop would help my photography skills grow. I could never have expected the amazing experience which unfolded. Craig has designed a workshop that will expand you as a person and open you up to creativity in a whole new way. There is no way to describe what you can expect as the experience will be unique for everyone. I can tell you that if you go to Savannah and open yourself to this journey, Craig will guide you through experiences that will spark your creativity and photography, and quite possibly open you to look at the world with wonder again. Kate L. (Street Portraiture May 2008)

“Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering a workshop environment that fosters collaboration and inspiration. The environment you have created in the these Workshops is such a gift. I look forward to many more opportunities to learn from you.” Kim G. (Tetons National Park workshop 2007)

The Next Step workshop was a wonderful experience… fun, and highly educational. It really made me think a lot about what it means to be creative, and how to improve my personal creativity. Amazing teacher, and a highly supportive and motivated group of participants. I can’t wait for my next RV workshop! Jennifer B. (Next Step Workshop participant March 2008)

I signed up for the Next Step workshop because my photography had reached a plateau and I was looking for a way to break through the barriers that were holding me back. The workshop accomplished that and more! I had all but given up on photographing people in the street, but the workshop provided me with the tools and the confidence to make it easy and comfortable. If you’re ready to take your photography to the next level, then you’re ready to take the Next Step. Mike A. (Next Step Workshop participant April 2008)

There is no question in my mind that the Next Step Workshop has changed my life. I experienced connections and personal growth that I never thought possible. This experience uncovered courage and emotion in me that I had not previously acknowledged. Highly recommended for anyone looking to push their personal limits – only to be rewarded by limitless possibilities as an artist and human being. Thank you…. Scott F. (Next Step Workshop participant March 2008)

“I feel that I made much progress in defining my purpose with my photography and have exciting new projects in mind. I learned how to be more creative through my environment and mind set – something I can do anywhere! I took the magic home!!!Lucy D. (Next Step Workshop Participant March 2008)

“Participating in the Next Step workshop was simply an amazing gift. At the risk of sounding over dramatic, I am 100% certain that this experience will alter my makeup as an artist and may well impact my path through life as a human being. I have participated in one of Craig’s workshops before, and his skills as a mentor and teacher were on full display as usual. For the Next Step though, Craig has developed a series of unique exercises and philosophical challenges, which when combined with his ability to foster an environment of support, gratitude, respect, and inspiration yield an outcome that is potentially life changing for the participant. In my situation, this was indeed the case, and I simply can’t thank Craig enough for the opportunity. I would also be remiss if I did not thank my fellow participants, each of whom was supportive and inspirational. Finally, the city of Savannah, with its unique people and architecture, play such an integral role to the workshop that I just can’t imagine a more fitting place to have embarked upon this journey.” Bryan A. (The Next Step workshop participant 2007)

“When I was trying to decide whether to go on the… Tetons National Park workshop, I read what many people had written, such as “my life has been changed”…. Yeah right, I thought! There was no way I could have imagined how much my photography could be improved in a single week! I can now count myself among those who say their life was changed after a single week…. I hope I can experience this feeling many more times.” Tom C. (Tetons National Park workshop 2007)

“What an outstanding workshop! Unlike any other workshop I’ve taken, Craig’s Next Step pushed me to take the kinds of pictures that I normally don’t pursue. That push has opened up an entirely new world of subject matter to me. Be prepared to work outside of your comfort zone on this workshop, but also be prepared to see a dramatic improvement in your pictures if you give yourself the freedom to be creative.” Bruce J.

“I’m on my way home and have been thinking about the workshop. I feel the need to send along a profound thank-you for making this happen. Perhaps I’ve said this already, or at least passed along my appreciation, but I don’t feel that these previous attempts are adequate. After the typical workshop, the camaraderie and emotions dim with time. The lessons learned and absorbed are relegated to the subconscious. I feel that this one will be different. I’m feeling a very strong connection to the creative spirit. Something about this experience touched me deeply and won’t soon be forgotten. It was quite obvious that you felt very strongly about this topic and were struggling with the same things we were/are. This connection helped to make the workshop more meaningful. I hope that you continue to offer this type of experience for others. Again, thanks!” Gordon W.

“Craig inspires and challenges. If you want to be shaken out of your tired old ways this is the course to take. Assignments with seemingly offbeat goals are designed to loosen up the creativity hiding inside you and the results can be quite a surprise. As well, Craig taps into your own style almost before you know
what it is yourself!” Peggy S.

“The Next Step workshop was a revelation for me. I had been wanting to expand my photography beyond fine-art landscape to include environmental portraiture and stock photography. Craig provided me with valuable coaching and tools to feel far more comfortable photographing people, and assisted me with developing a plan to create a portfolio to submit to stock agencies. The Next Step workshop was not only a valuable journey to further my photography skills, but also an adventure to stir my passion for capturing meaningful images.” Sandy T.

“Thanks again for an absolutely great experience at the workshop. I feel I made a real breakthrough in figuring out that I could apply my abstract style to people. It literally may have taken me years to realize that without you pulling it out of me. I’m 100% committed to getting my work out into galleries and beyond now. I appreciate the encouragement, and I’ll keep in touch and let you know how that progresses.”
Steve H.

“This workshop is powerful stuff. If you could bottle it and sell it, you could change the world. As it is, it just goes on, changing one person at a time. I’m changed by this workshop. Craig provided insightful guidance to find what each of us needed, in a beautiful and supportive location. I’ve taken the Next Step, now I am a photographer.” Gordon M. (The Next Step workshop participant 2007)

“Craig once again showed his ability to push me past anything I thought I was capable of! Working with him and the others in the class was definitely the “Next Step” in my photography!!!” Don S.

“Not only did I grow as a photographer but I also grew as a person. What I learned about facing my fears and seeing what can happen as a result is something I can take with me and use in all aspects of my life.” Karen V.

“The Next Step workshop with Craig Tanner was one of the most challenging, intense and rewarding learning experiences I have ever had. Craig’s individually-targeted curriculum and insightful critiques provide 5 days packed with information and exercises that have changed my view of myself and helped me re-discover dormant creative capabilities. Attending the workshop has strengthened my passion and determination to push the boundaries of my creative efforts. With this learning experience as a foundation, I will seek new avenues to express my art at many levels.” David D.

“Can’t thank you enough for another great workshop. I had such a great time that I haven’t stopped talking about it. I can’t wait for the next one.”
Steve M.

“The amazing thing about the Next Step workshop was that a group of people with different skill levels, different backgrounds and different expectations could come together for a week of intense assignments, self-examination and sharing… and each one leave feeling that the workshop had been designed just for them. I attended the workshop hoping to improve my photographic skills but left with that and so much more… and for that I’m eternally grateful…. I don’t believe you’ll find another workshop like this one anywhere!” Harry S.

“The Next Step workshop started out as a way for me to become a better photographer by breaking down unknown barriers that limit my creativity. It transformed magically into a deep reflection of who I am as a person and how these very same barriers limit me in the rest of my life. I am forever thankful….. My journey continues….”
Steve B.

“The Next Step was an experience that went far beyond anything that I was expecting. Its depth of process intensified from the camera, to the subject, and then was amplified back to the soul of who I am behind the camera. Thanks for everything…” Colby M.

“I came away from the Next Step workshop a better person and photographer. I was given the chance to test my own courage and creative limits. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who cares about life and all it’s interesting and magical moments that we seem to allow to fly by and go unnoticed. This workshop is a gift to yourself, you will learn so much more than simply taking a shot…you will go deeper into your inner being. Learn learn learn, feel feel feel, experience experience experience. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful experience.” Jim P.

“I decided to take this class because I wanted to get the creative juices flowing again. It had been some time since I had done much photography and I was looking for something other than going to a pretty place and coming back with a bunch of pretty pictures. I needed something to get me “jump started.” By signing up for the Next Step Workshop, I got far more than I bargained for. Now, more than a week later, I am still trying to process the experiences of my week in Savannah. In fact, I find that my thoughts are consumed by the events of those days and the profound effect they had on me, both as a photographer but more as a person. I cannot go anywhere without looking at things differently and seeing photo ops EVERYWHERE, whereas before I was “blind” to the possibilities…. I will now be able to use photography in all aspects of my life, and even be able to use it to overcome any obstacles or challenges that present themselves along the way. Yes, I did get far more than I bargained for and am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to take this workshop….. There is no doubt that this workshop has changed me forever, and I will never look at things in quite the same way again.” Karen S.