“Wrought Iron Bench and Monterey Square #1″

Canon 5D Mark II f1.4 50mm lens f3.5@ 1/30th ISO 1600 handheld: wrought iron bench and Monterey Square at twilight

“Bourbon Street Mime – New Orleans”

Canon 5D Mark II f2.0 Lensbaby Composer f2.8@ 1/1000th ISO 800 handheld: Mime on Bourbon Street, New Orleans, La.

“Guitar Bob at Ellis Square”

Canon 5D Mark II f1.4 50mm lens f1.8@ 1/180th ISO 5000 handheld: Guitar Bob at Ellis Square, Savannah, Ga.

“Willie on River Street”

Canon 7D f2.0 60mm Tamron Lens (EFL = 96mm) f2.8@1/350th ISO 1250 handheld River Street, Savannah, Ga.

“Cinema Verite #1″

Canon 5D MarkII f1.4 50mm lens f2.5@ 1/60th ISO 5000 outside of The Sparetime, Savannah, Ga.